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Working Equitation: A Fun and Challenging Sport for All Riders and Horses

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy your horse and improve your riding skills, you might want to check out Working Equitation. Working Equitation is a sport that originated in Europe in the 1990s and is based on the traditional working skills of horses and riders in different countries. It consists of four phases: dressage, ease of handling, speed, and cattle. In dressage, the horse and rider perform a series of movements in a 20 x 40 meter arena, demonstrating harmony, balance, and precision. In ease of handling, the horse and rider navigate a course of obstacles that simulate real-life situations, such as opening gates, crossing bridges, and backing up. In speed, the horse and rider complete the same course of obstacles as fast as possible, showing agility and courage. In cattle, a team of riders work together to separate and pen a designated cow from a herd, showing teamwork and herdsmanship.

Working Equitation is growing fast in the USA because it is a fun and challenging sport that appeals to riders of all levels and backgrounds. It is open to all breeds of horses and all styles of riding, whether English or Western. It also promotes the preservation and improvement of the horse's natural abilities, as well as the development of a strong bond between horse and rider. Working Equitation is governed by the USA Working Equitation (USAWE), which is the national organization for the sport in the USA. USAWE organizes competitions, clinics, and educational events across the country, and also represents the USA in international events under the World Association for Working Equitation (WAWE).

One of the best things about Working Equitation is that it is very inclusive and supportive. You can compete at different levels, from Introductory to Masters, depending on your experience and goals. You can also choose your own tack and attire, as long as it is safe and consistent with your riding style. You can see riders wearing anything from cowboy hats to helmets, from jeans to breeches, from western saddles to dressage saddles. The most important thing is that you and your horse are comfortable and happy.

Another great thing about Working Equitation is that it is very versatile and adaptable. You can practice the dressage tests and the obstacles at home or at a nearby facility. You can also use everyday objects as obstacles, such as barrels, poles, cones, tarps, etc. You can even make your own obstacles with some creativity and imagination. The possibilities are endless!

If you are interested in learning more about Working Equitation or finding a trainer or a club near you, you can visit the USAWE website or check out some videos on YouTube. You can also follow USAWE on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated on the latest news and events. Working Equitation is a great way to have fun with your horse and improve your riding skills! 😊

If you are interested in Working Equitation lessons and training, contact us for more information. You can also visit the USAWE website or check out some Videos on our YouTube channel. Working Equitation is a great way to have fun with your horse and improve your riding skills! 😊

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