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Kathleen Elliott Equestrian Training 

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Our Story

Experience the Beauty of Western Dressage

Kathleen Elliott is a professional equestrian trainer and judge who specializes in Western Dressage, Traditional Dressage and Working Equitation. She is a World Champion in Western Dressage, a Western Dressage Judge (r), a top competitor and clinician in Working Equitation, and a Certified ARIA Riding Instructor. She has over 20 years of experience in training horses and riders of all levels and breeds, and she is passionate about developing the skills and harmony of the horse and rider team. 

Kathleen  runs her own equestrian facility in Murrieta, California, where she offers boarding, training, lessons, camps, and clinics. She also travels to other locations to train horses, give lessons, and judge shows. She was the first to complete the Train the Trainers Western Dressage program in Canada, 2014. She is well-known for her constructive, creative, and common-sense approach to teaching and training, as well as her friendly and easygoing manner.

Kathleen is a cross-over rider who enjoys riding and training in both English and Western disciplines. She believes that dressage training enhances the rider's ability to demonstrate precision, attention to detail, and effortless communication with the horse. She also believes that Western Dressage offers Western riders an opportunity to train their horse in a more familiar environment than traditional dressage shows.


Kathleen Elliott is dedicated to teaching riders to become true horsemen both in and out of the saddle.

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