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Boarding and Training


Kathleen Elliott offers premium boarding and training services for horse enthusiasts including riders of western dressage and other disciplines. With our clean, positive, friendly environment, excellent instructors, and training programs, we provide an exceptional boarding and training experience.

If you are looking for a cool and refreshing place to enjoy your horse during the summer, our facility is the perfect choice. Our location in La Cresta makes us 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the surrounding areas. You will also be amazed by the natural beauty of our property and the nearby trails. We have plenty of pine and oak trees on our land, and we are close to the Cleveland National Forest, the Santa Rosa Ecological Reserve, and other scenic attractions. Whether you stay on our property or explore the nearby trails, you will have a breathtaking experience with your horse.


Boarding Rates 2023

  • Pasture   $600.00

    • Alfalfa/Bermuda included​

  • ​Mare Hotel  $725.00

    • Alfalfa/Bermuda included​

    • 8 bags of shavings per month included

  • Barn In & outs  $865.00

    • Alfalfa/Bermuda included​

    • 8 bags of shavings per month included​

  • ​Orchard  $150.00 per month​

  • Timothy $150.00 per month

  • Extra shavings  $15.00 per bag 

  • Blanketing  $150.00 per month, per horse


Horse training is the process of teaching a horse to perform certain behaviors and skills in response to the rider's cues. Horse training can be done for various purposes, such as riding, driving, showing, racing, or working. Horse training can also improve the horse's health, fitness, and well-being.

Some of the services that Kathleen Elliott Equestrian Training provides for horse training are:

●      Western Dressage Training: Western dressage is a discipline that combines the principles of classical dressage with the traditions of western riding. It is a way of training and riding horses that emphasizes harmony, partnership, and respect. Western dressage training can help horses develop balance, rhythm, suppleness, and responsiveness. It can also enhance their natural gaits, movements, and transitions.

●     Traditional Dressage Training: Traditional dressage is a discipline that teaches the horse to perform a series of precise and elegant movements on a flat arena. It is based on the classical art of riding that originated in Europe centuries ago. Traditional dressage training can help horses improve their strength, flexibility, coordination, and obedience. It can also refine their collection, extension, and lateral work.

These are some of the services that Kathleen Elliott Equestrian Training offers for horse training.

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