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Why You Should Learn from an ARIA Certified Riding Instructor

If you are interested in learning how to ride horses, you may wonder how to find a good instructor. There are many people who claim to be able to teach riding, but not all of them have the qualifications, experience, and knowledge that you need. That is why you should look for an instructor who is certified by the American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA).

ARIA is a national association for horseback riding instructors that has been promoting excellence in the profession for over 39 years.

ARIA offers a certification program that tests instructors on their skills, knowledge, and professionalism in 16 different disciplines, such as traditional dressage, western dressage, eventing, western equitation, and more. ARIA certification is recognized and respected by major insurance companies, equine organizations, and riders across the country.

Here are some of the benefits of learning from an ARIA certified riding instructor:

● You will learn more than just how to ride. ARIA certified instructors will teach you how to care for horses, handle them safely and effectively, deal with emergencies, maintain the equine facility and equipment, dress appropriately for riding and competing, interact with other riders in a respectful and safe way, use the right equipment (tack) on the horse, understand the purpose of different tack, use tack properly, and take care of tack.

● You will learn how to ride with good posture, safety, and effectiveness. ARIA certified instructors will assess your riding position and technique and help you make changes when needed. They will also give you helpful feedback and constructive criticism.

● You will learn how to communicate with horses with different personalities. ARIA certified instructors will help you understand horse behavior and how to work with them in harmony while honoring their natural abilities and spirit. They will also match you with a horse that suits your personality and skill level.

● You will learn how to have fun while riding. ARIA certified instructors will make your lessons enjoyable and challenging. They will help you overcome frustrations and difficulties and celebrate your achievements. They will also expose you to different teaching methods and schools of thought that have evolved over time in the history of horsemanship.

● You will learn the right way to ride from the beginning. ARIA certified instructors will teach you the correct habits and skills from the start, so you don't have to waste time and money on fixing bad habits that you learned from a poor instructor.

As you can see, learning from an ARIA certified riding instructor can make a big difference in your riding experience and progress.

Riding horses is a wonderful activity that can bring you joy, health, and friendship. But it also requires knowledge, skill, and responsibility.

In my work as a trainer and certified ARIA instructor, I respect and value our horses for their companionship and their therapeutic benefits. And a well-instructed rider is most important in establishing a strong bond based on trust and mutual understanding. Horses bring us joy, courage and wisdom with their presence and affection, and we are entrusted to keep them healthy, sound, fit and comfortable so that they can enjoy their work and avoid injuries and stress.

At Kathleen Elliott Equestrian Training, we can help you achieve your riding goals and challenge you and the horse to grow and improve in a safe environment.

If you are interested in riding lessons, please contact us today to schedule your lesson.

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