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Kat's Ranch Rider Spotlight: December Spotlight -Jillienne Endresen and Smokey

Updated: Mar 21

Jillienne Endresen is a young and talented rider who has been passionate about horses since she was four years old. She started riding with Kathleen Elliott, her coach and mentor, in August 2016. She soon entered her first show on Shorts, riding English at Black Dog in September of 2017.  

She impressed everyone with her skills and enthusiasm, and in June 2018, Kathleen found her the perfect partner: Smokey, a sorrel gelding with a gentle personality , a lot of training and a ton of potential. Jillienne and Smokey made their show debut in September 2018 and quickly became a successful pair. They won the 2018 TEV Champion and Reserve Champion titles in Intro- 13 & under.  

Jillienne continued to ride and practice, and she showed her versatility and adaptability riding both English and Western disciplines. In the fall of 2018 Jillienne and Smokey traveled to Guthrie, Oklahoma and became Champions at the WDAA World Champion Show in Intro Level- 13 & under. 

 In 2019 and 2020, Jillienne and Smokey explored new disciplines and challenges, such as Working Equitation, a sport that combines dressage, obstacles, and speed. They attended their first clinic in January 2020.   

Smokey and Jillienne continued to compete at local shows, such as TEV-CDS and Pomona CDS. They also continued the journey at the WDAA World Championship Show in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where they competed in 2019, 2021 and 2022, and they moved up to Level 2 and 3! They also continued Working Equitation and competed in the 2022 USAWE Western Zone Championship in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Jillienne has made amazing friendships with her fellow equestrians. These bonds will continue to grow as they all support each other in their respective journeys.  

For the 2023 show season , Jilliienne and Smokey became the CAWDA Level 3- 13 & Under Champions, and the 13 & Under Division Champions, showing their consistency and excellence. Jillienne is grateful for the opportunity to have Smokey as her partner, who retired from showing this year. Jillienne hopes to continue learning and growing as a rider with Kathleen's guidance and support. She loves her horses and the equestrian community, and she has big dreams and aspirations for the years to come.  

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